Greenies discover carbon leakage

In a prior post I asked, “Doesn’t EPA understand that if it shuts down coal use in the U.S., U.S coal and jobs will be exported to China and other developing countries which will burn the coal without regulation?”  Well, the enviro obstructionists are working on that too:

“Conservationists are challenging the approval of a Columbia River port that will export coal to Asia.

Cowlitz County commissioners voted in November to allow a subsidiary of Australia-based Ambre Energy to redevelop a port in Longview, Wash., to handle 5 million tons of coal annually.

Earthjustice on Monday appealed the permit decision to the Washington state Shorelines Hearings Board on behalf of Climate Solutions, Sierra Club, Washington Environmental Council and Columbia Riverkeeper.  …

Coal would be shipped from Montana and Wyoming by rail to the new terminal located about 40 miles north of Portland, Ore.  It would be the first of several proposed new coal terminals on the West Coast.  …

Environmentalists say the project runs counter to efforts by Washington, Oregon and other states to curb their own greenhouse gas emissions — and will simply shift those emissions overseas.”  “Groups fight decision allowing Asia coal exports


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