Greenies upset at CARB

A cap-and-trade program approved Thursday by the California Air Resources Board [CARB] includes damaging loopholes that would incentivize clearcutting in the name of reducing carbon emissions.  … Among the options [available to industrial CO2 emitters] is buying offset credits from forest clearcutting.  …

Air Resources Board member Dorene D’Adamo proposed an amendment to protect against forests being converted to tree farms for the purpose of generating carbon credits, but the board ultimately voted to allow forest clearcutting to remain in the rule.

“At best, this will subsidize, at the expense of the people of California, the operations of some of the most damaging forest management going on today,” said [Brian] Nowicki [California climate policy director at the Center for Biological Diversity]. “At worst, this will incentivize the clearcutting of natural forests to be replaced by tree farms.”  …

The cap-and-trade regulations adopted Thursday also allow industrial [CO2 emitters to ignore] … greenhouse gas emissions caused by burning forest “biomass” — including whole, live trees — for the generation of energy and other industrial uses. This not only would encourage the wholesale logging of California’s forests to provide fuel for industrial processes and electrical power generation, but also threatens to increase overall greenhouse gas emissions because the actual greenhouse gas emissions from burning wood can be higher than from burning fossil fuels.”  “California Board Endorses Forest Clearcutting in Fight Against Global Warming”  H/t Tom Nelson


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