Go green — eat insects

“Insects produce much smaller quantities of greenhouse gases per kilogram of meat than cattle and pigs. This is the conclusion of scientists at Wageningen University who have joined forces with government and industry to investigate whether the rearing of insects could contribute to more sustainable protein production. Insect meat could therefore form an alternative to more conventional types of meat.”  “Edible Insects Produce Smaller Quantities of Greenhouse Gasses Than Cattle


One Response to “Go green — eat insects”

  1. R. de Haan Says:

    The University of Wageningen is a hard core warmist spin centers in the Netherlands
    riding the AGW gravy train at top speed.
    That’s why they are producing one hubris report after the other.
    They can eat their insects themselves.

    The problem with food today is the price, not the CO2 emissions.
    Thanks to the processing of food crops into bio-fuels in the USA and Europe, food prices are at least 20% higher.
    The poor will pay for this with their lives.

    Only because a few doctrine driven scientists have sold out on their scientific integrity.
    Besides that, there is this:
    New peer reviewed paper: Absence of correlation between temperature changes and CO2

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