Nir Shaviv on why there are few young skeptics

“The problem with working on climate stuff and not holding the [AGW] party line is that it is awfully hard to publish (see for instance some of the climategate e-mails depicting what happens if the party doesn’t like your line), and without publishing you cannot advance (in the academia we all know the infamous “publish or parish”). So, it is very unfortunate, but because climate science is so dogmatic, if you’re young and want to make sure you advance, you ride the wave. You work on something popular and sexy. That’s why you find many young people building their career by being alarmist, and that why there are relatively few young skeptics. It would be hard for a young skeptic to find a tenure track position for example. This is not a phenomenon which is absent in other fields. The problem is that in climate science this effect is extreme! Sad, but true.”  “Professor Nir Shaviv advises graduate students to stay away from global warming


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