EPA escalates jihad against coal — revokes previously issued permit

“The Environmental Protection Agency revoked the permit for one of the nation’s largest … coal mining projects on Thursday …

“We remain shocked and dismayed at E.P.A.’s continued onslaught with respect to this validly issued permit,” said Kim Link, [spokeswoman for Arch Coal, Inc., the nation’s second largest coal producer]. “Absent court intervention, E.P.A.’s final determination to veto the Spruce permit blocks an additional $250 million investment and 250 well-paying American jobs.”

“Furthermore, we believe this decision will have a chilling effect on future U.S. investment,” she added, “because every business possessing or requiring a permit under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act will fear similar overreaching by the E.P.A. It’s a risk many businesses cannot afford to take.”

She was referring to the provision of federal law under which the permit was originally issued and then revoked.  …

Groups including the National Realtors Association, the American Road and Transportation Builders Association and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association …  said in [a] letter [to Nancy Sutley, chairwoman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality] that if the agency revoked the coal mining permit, “every similarly valid permit held by any entity — businesses, public works agencies and individual citizens — will be in increased regulatory limbo and potentially subject to the same unilateral, after-the-fact revocation.”

“The implications could be staggering,” they added, “reaching all areas of the U.S. economy including but not limited to the agriculture, home building, mining, transportation and energy sectors.”  …

Environmentalists … praised the revocation of the permit.”  “Agency revokes permit for major coal mining project

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One Response to “EPA escalates jihad against coal — revokes previously issued permit”

  1. archaeopteryx Says:

    you may think… what is this crazy ancient bird from a far out land talking about… I keep insisting… Look for German interests behind the Green Craze. German intersests using old leftist, do-gooder, well meaning people. Their strategy is slightly different in the US than in Europe (and still different in North Africa)…

    Look into Siemens new business orders under Democratic vs. Republican administrations… We know about Siemens in Greece, they buy their way into things. Inexpensive marketing.

    Who is the only Governor (R to boot) trying to bypass legislative decisions? What is his nationality?

    One of these days, I will do a piece in English and send it your way (and I am no conspiracy theorist… I just follow the money

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