Warmist journo: "Reframe climate change as a burning economic issue"

“Like other long-term, seemingly intransigent issues, climate change has lost its media mojo. But there is a way to rekindle its sex appeal: economics. Thomas Carlyle may have dubbed economics “the dismal science”, but economic issues work the US public into a tizzy, routinely topping the list of concerns in “most important problem” public opinion polls. Environmental journalists could leverage this public opinion fact to help jolt us out of our climate slumber and bring the issue into focus in a way that makes clear how climate disruption will affect all of us.  …

Reframing climate change as an burning economic issue could help journalists breathe life into the most important – and complex – issue of our time. Without getting mired in the morass of elaborate mathematical equations and the arcane economics-speak of “discount rates”,  journalists could turn to independent environmental economists for honest [!] assessments of how climate change will affect the global economy.”  “Reheating the climate change story


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