Roy Spencer shock quote: Snowstorms caused by global cooling!

“No serious climate researcher — including the ones I disagree with — believes global warming can cause colder weather. Unless they have become delusional as a result of some sort of mental illness. One of the hallmarks of global warming theory is LESS extratropical cyclone activity — not more.  …

Global average temperature anomalies (departures from seasonal norms) have been falling precipitously for about 12 months now. Gee, maybe these snowstorms are from global cooling! Someone should look into that! (I know…cold and snow from global cooling sounds crazy….I’m just sayin’….)”  “OMG! ANOTHER GLOBAL WARMING SNOWSTORM!!


2 Responses to “Roy Spencer shock quote: Snowstorms caused by global cooling!”

  1. klem Says:

    Roy Spencer does not think it’s the sun which causes the climate to change. Why do you think it’s the sun?

  2. jblethen Says:

    The Sun drives oceanic and atmospheric cycles and modulates cloud cover, these things in turn change the climate. The originating cause is the Sun.

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