Useless expensive bird shredders to desecrate Juno Beach

“For those who remain, the beaches of Normandy will forever be sacred, echoing with the cries of those young men cut down as they waded ashore to defend our freedom.

Now, 66 years on, the dwindling band of D-Day veterans faces a new battle against an unexpected invader.

A giant offshore windfarm within sight of the beaches where 2,500 allied soldiers died is being planned by French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

The proposal for 80 525ft high windmills off Juno Beach, one of the five beaches where troops landed in the Second World War, has angered the old soldiers.

Major-General Tony Richardson, 88, president of the Normandy Veterans’ Association, called the French plans ‘horrible’.

‘The D-Day beaches are a historical place and I would like to see them remain unspoilt,’ he said.  …

Admiral Christian Brac de la Perriere, the president of two commemorative bodies, the Comité du Débarquement and Normandie Memoire, said the plans were ‘inappropriate and incoherent’.

He described the proposed development as being at odds with French government hopes for the coastline from Utah Beach to Sword Beach to be named a Unecso world heritage site.”  “We’ll fight them off the beaches! Fury of D-Day veterans over French plans for a massive windfarm on Normandy coastline


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