Imperious unelected EPA bureaucrat: you'll take it and you'll like it

“As Congress considers legislation to curtail the Environmental Protection Agency’s power to regulate greenhouse gases, EPA Assistant Administrator Gina McCarthy struck a tone of defiance rather than conciliation at the 14th Annual Energy, Utility, and Environment Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

McCarthy vowed to push forward with carbon dioxide restrictions proposed by EPA and ratchet up the pressure with additional restrictions in the near future.

The end goal, according to McCarthy at the late-January conference, is not a mere tweaking of current energy use and energy sources, but rather a fundamental overhaul of the nation’s production and use of energy . EPA is ready, willing, and able to drive this overhaul, McCarthy emphasized.

“We must transform the power sector in a way that meets the needs of the 21st century,” argued McCarthy, who repeatedly used the word “transform” to describe EPA’s goal for the nation’s energy use.  …

Responding to concerns about the economic damage often caused by EPA regulations, McCarthy struck an equally defiant tone.

“Concerns about cost and reliability always arise when we seek to overhaul industry,” said McCarthy, dismissing cost concerns.

“Industry always overestimates the costs” associated with new regulations, … McCarthy asserted.  …

These additional costs, McCarthy asserted, are not a serious concern because electricity is currently inexpensive.  …

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), however, the average retail price of electricity has risen 50 percent since 1999.”  “EPA’s McCarthy Strikes Defiant Tone About Global Warming Regulations


2 Responses to “Imperious unelected EPA bureaucrat: you'll take it and you'll like it”

  1. Pascvaks Says:

    Who’s to blame for all EPA actions and tone? Who’s really behind this “In Your Face Maggot, Get In Line And Shut Up!!” burocratic superiority? Why none other than the same wonderful, humble, timid little guy in the White House that went to Hav’erd and is bestest friends with the new mayor and Godfather of Chicago, the sweetest little fella in the whole wide world —well.. next to that Greatest American Ever that lives at the WH of course. Life’s a beach! If you’re not careful the sharks will eat everything, even you.

  2. Charles Higley Says:

    ““Concerns about cost and reliability always arise when we seek to overhaul industry,” said McCarthy, dismissing cost concerns.”

    Since when are they in the business of overhauling business? It is not their job!

    ““Industry always overestimates the costs””

    Then, why is it that everything government does runs WAY over budget, always? Who is it who cannot estimate well?

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