California continues dash off green cliff

“The state Senate acted Thursday to require California utilities to boost their use of wind, solar and other renewable energy sources to a third of total supply by the year 2020.

California law already requires utilities to get a fifth of their power from renewable energy.  …

Opponents said it would drive up electricity bills for homeowners and manufacturers. The additional costs would convince California companies, which already pay some of the highest energy costs in the nation, to move their jobs out of state, said Sen. Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar).

“This is yet another nail in the coffin for our manufacturing sector in California,'” Huff said.  …

Sen. Roderick Wright (D-Inglewood) … [said] the bill … could max out supplies and increase electricity bills by 15% to 20%, triggering another energy crisis in California.  …

The bill … now goes to the Assembly, where it is expected to pass.”  “California Senate OKs renewable energy bill


5 Responses to “California continues dash off green cliff”

  1. Sean Says:

    This is getting more and more to look like Hollywood morality where if you screw up really big you must do a showy public display of moral courage or charity to make up for it. So after showing complete incompetance in running the government, they single handedly try to save the world to make up for it. They cannot bring themselves to reign in the things they can control but spend a mighty effort on the things they can’t.


    So, after everyone leaves and the place is a third-world hellhole, when the Reconquistas take over will they be allowed to drill for all the oil CA is floating on? I mean, if not, that would be !!!!RACIST!!!!

  3. Pascvaks Says:

    With all the fresh fruit and veggies in Kalifornie, you’d think that by now capturing Anthroprogenic Natural Gas would have become a way of life. There really ought to be a law that puts a capture/compressor device in every car, truck, train, and aeroplane. Of course an alternate capture system could also be used in Sacramento to catch the 99.987% that would be uncaptured in the first method. This might save a little money. If we give back Kalifornie to the Juaristas, can we keep the rest? Is not much more than desert anyway.

  4. archaeopteryx Says:

    I am too far away yo have on opinion on the poliltics of California or its elected Austrian Governor (who masquerades as a Republikan…).

    I hope California is connectd to the grid from other states, because my Engineering 101 book says that you cannnot manufacture a sincle ball bearing with 1,000 wind generators. You cannot sustain a hospital with 10,000 generators. Or 10.000 wind-generators plus 1,000 solar gizmos.

    Could somebody out there check that Arnold is not being influenced by Siemens? Siemens is the discreet mover behind the Green Madness, and they are not at all shy about influencing to “do good” or to Save the Planet with their “solutions”

    I have been following you excellent site, and others like it. I have become a quasi “expert” on many climate matters and on many subjects related to Renewable Energy. I am convinced that it is a fraud Made in Germany. I have had some doubts as to whether the Climatology hoax is also Made in Germany.

    The latter issue is addressed in the Standard and the Hoover Institution (same author)

    The “Made in Germany” regarding Green Energy, I have summarized, and I believe documented in

    Siemens is said to have been bribing the Socialist politicians in my country since 1990 (publicly available infromation). Would it be improper to suggest that Democrats and Greek Socialists have just a few things in common?

  5. intheend Says:

    California is on task to achieve their green energy goals. It’s simple. Just raise energy costs to the point all companies leave and California’s green energy goal will be accomplished. Brillant! Caves will be the new “green” housing. Invest now!!!

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