Businesses folding, leaving California

“More than one in five (21%) of California small-business owners do not expect to be in business in California in three years, according to a recent survey by Small Business California, an advocacy group in San Francisco.

It’s a number Small Business California President Scott Hague calls “scary.”


Source: Small Business California 

Yes, if California lost a fifth of its small businesses it would be scary. About 83% of California’s businesses (78% of Orange County’s) have fewer than 10 employees.”  “Are Calif. businesses closing or leaving?


One Response to “Businesses folding, leaving California”

  1. papertiger Says:

    Carl’s Jr. Headquarters leaves California for Texas.

    Money Quote – “In Texas, the business reporters like Allison at Houston Biz Journal bird-dog potential new companies the whole time they are in the state and make sure they are FEELING WELCOME, (instead of bitching about how much carbon they’re emitting):”

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