Climate model output is now "data"

Both [Seth] Wenger [a fisheries researcher with Trout Unlimited in Boise] and [Dan] Isaak, a fisheries biologist at the U.S. Forest Service’s Rocky Mountain Research Station in Boise, were a part of a team of 11 scientists who said trout habitat could drop by 50 percent over the next 70 years because of a warming world. The paper, published Monday in the peer-reviewed science journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, predicts native cutthroat habitat could decline by 58 percent.

The two men, who have devoted their lives to scientific research, say they depend on the scientific method and peer review to judge the quality of the research that underscores their findings. The climate predictions are based on 10 of the 20 climate models developed independently worldwide that all show the world is getting warmer.

The climate models have been right for 30 years and they are getting better all the time,” Isaak said.  …

The most dire climate models show temperatures in Idaho rising an average of 9 degrees in 70 years, Wenger said.  …

“I have to set aside my feelings and use the best data,” he said.  …

But what if all the climate models are wrong?

There just is not a lot of data supporting the alternative view,” Wenger said.  “Idaho trout face climate trouble, study finds


4 Responses to “Climate model output is now "data"”

  1. MoneyMatters3 Says:

    I have a computer model of a bumble bee that shows that the wings are too small to generate sufficient lift for the weight of the adult bumble bee. Therefore – my computer model proves bumble bees cannot fly! I will use this data to prepare a peer reviewed publication that proves bumble bees are extint because my data shows that they cannot fly!

    This sounds about as logical as this paper on fish habitat.

  2. archaeopteryx Says:

    I had a little pc back when pc’s got fashionable… I was impressed with how visicalc and lotus gave a new meaning to “garbage-in-garbage-out”.

  3. MostlyHarmless Says:

    The most dire climate models show temperatures in Idaho rising an average of 9 degrees in 70 years, Wenger said. “That would make Boise pretty unpleasant,” he said. “None of us want to believe that.”

    I have to agree, though I maintain that ALL climate models are “dire”.

  4. AndyG55 Says:

    Wasn’t there someone by the name of Jones, who commented in an email.. something like..” the problem is.. none of the models are correct” !

    then.. ” Its only a model.. its doesn’t need to be correct”

    That’s AGW for y’all !!!

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