Scandal in Oz, Part 2

“It is not climate change that is threatening the coastal towns of Australia.

It’s exaggerated predictions of rising sea levels that are slashing property values, driving away small businesses and making residents tear out their hair.  …

Gosford Council is “prepared to write off 9000 families…by introducing draconian development controls that ultimately are designed to turn all of Davistown & half of Woy Woy and Empire Bay into derelict suburbs,” says [Pat] Aiken [secretary of Coastal Residents Incorporated].

Coastal councils stacked with risk-averse dupes and green agitators have been imposing ad hoc restrictions on development near the water in anticipation of catastrophic sea inundation by the end of this century, as promised by the likes of Al Gore and Tim Flannery.  …

The council was promoting a policy called a “reactive management strategy” which [homeowner Stephen] Hunt describes as “a hideous policy that gives the council and state government the power to turn off the utilities within the street and force landowners to walk away from their properties without any financial compensation”.  …

Similarly, in Port Albert, Victoria, residents claimed property prices fell 38 percent after the local council enacted absurd planning laws requiring new houses to be built 1.5m above the ground to avoid rising sea levels, while requiring roof heights to remain the same. This prompted angry residents to complain their houses would be suitable only for pygmies.  [see Higher floors, lower roofs: the town being shrunk by climate change angst]  …

[S]imilar nonsense continues up and down the east coast, with each township having to mount a defence against the catastrophists. With wildly varying predictions of sea level rises as high as 75m coming from NASA, the IPCC and experts such as Flannery, councils were opting for the extreme precautionary principle.”  “We must see level heads or our coast is doomed


3 Responses to “Scandal in Oz, Part 2”

  1. ian middleton Says:

    In my view Tim Flannery lost his ” expert ” status over five years ago.

  2. Bob Malloy Says:

    Water front residents around the world can only hope Jeff McCloy wins his court case against Lake Macquarie Council.

    McCloy to mount climate class action against council
    28 Oct, 2011 06:55 AM
    HUNTER businessman Jeff McCloy says he will mount a class action against Lake Macquarie City Council for devaluing waterfront properties with its climate change policy.

    Mr McCloy, who owns a waterfront property at Belmont, said the council must explain what scientific evidence it had to back up its claims about rising sea levels and the effects of climate change.

    ‘‘My current view is they will have a class action against them for reducing the value of our properties,’’ Mr McCloy said. ‘‘I figure I’ll get a class action going and take the idiots to court, I’m serious.’’

    Perhaps residents in other areas should also consider class actions against their councils.

  3. agw nonsense Says:

    I would say that a lot of them aren’t bright enough to figure it out.

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