Polar bear price increase

“Just as Ottawa is drawing up polar bear management plans and mulling the animal’s promotion to National Symbol, the Northwest Territories is now paying an extra $1,350 for polar bear hides.

Hunters in the Northwest Territories used to receive $400 when they submitted polar bear pelts to Genuine Mackenzie Valley Furs, a government-run fur marketer. For this season, authorities have upped the figure to $1750.  …

As Russia and China produce more billionaires, offices and homes bedecked in Arctic fur have become a sought-after status symbol. Threats to polar bear populations posed by melting sea ice have only sweetened the deal.  …

Every year, about 450 polar bears are killed and skinned in Canada — largely by Inuit hunters in Nunavut. Northwest Territories officials maintain that their new advance will not create a run on polar bears.  …

In Canada, polar bear hunting is the exclusive domain of aboriginals, although outsiders can commission sport hunts with aboriginal guides. While pelts are sold, the polar bear’s meat is shared among communities. Polar bear hunting is an “integral part of Inuit identity,” reads a July paper on polar bear populations by the Department of the Environment.  …

Amid the threat of melting sea ice, Mr. [Andrew E.] Derocher [a biologist with the University of Alberta] said researchers rarely take issue with polar bear hunting. “I don’t know a polar bear scientist that hasn’t support subsistence harvests of polar bears — or even sport hunting of polar bears,” he said.”  “N.W.T. ups price paid for polar bear pelts to $1,750 as demand for the fur rises


2 Responses to “Polar bear price increase”

  1. Mystery Meat Says:

    “Polar bear hunting is an “integral part of Inuit identity,” reads a July paper on polar bear populations by the Department of the Environment.”

    So, that must mean that objections to polar bear hunting is racist.

  2. archaeopteryx Says:

    happy New Year

    I am now anxiously waiting for a model to correlate Polar Bear Price increases with EU falling carbon rights (but this is a rigged market…)

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