“This failure [by alarmists] to connect with the public is already having a dire effect on political will to deal with the [non-] problem. How should they do things differently?  …

Scientists and environmentalists need to place a greater emphasis on the economic dangers of not dealing with the [non-] problem: household bills will rise exorbitantly if we don’t invest in alternative energy; dealing with disruptive climate change will cost us billions and drive up food prices across the world.  …

Half the population doesn’t need more convincing – it’s the other half that isn’t susceptible to traditional [doomsday] messages.

This means talking about the potential for future innovation, that countries like China and India are investing billions into alternative energy as a key future technology, and how it offers us security from war and disease and a better standard of living.”  “The climate change message is not being heard. Here’s how to change tack


One Response to “Delusional”

  1. Murray Lane NZ Says:

    Bloody idiots.

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