Scandal in Oz — alarmism rejected

“Like many working couples, Anne and Russell Secombe decided to find a place by the sea where they would eventually retire to live out the rest of their lives pursuing simple pleasures. In the 1970s, the couple, now in their 80s, found it, a modest single-level brick house at 23 Illaroo Rd, Lake Cathie, a town on the NSW mid-north coast.  …

It’s simple bliss: Anne, a retired clerk, spends time keeping up her neat garden; Russell, a retired mechanic, angles on the beach for blackfish, flathead and bream. But yesterday the Secombes’ sense of hard-earned stability collapsed when they discovered they could be among the first victims in Australia to be dispossessed of their home. Not because of any existing environmental threat, but because the local council believes climate change could pose one by the end of the century.

In a move that struck incredulity, alarm and fear among locals, Port Macquarie Hastings Council put a study on the council website recommending that council enforce a “planned retreat” for the owners of the 17 houses on Illaroo Road. The area is one of 15 “hot spots” identified by the NSW government as being vulnerable to the effects of sea level rises due to climate change, as outlined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  …

Illaroo Road is about 7m above mean sea level, so there’s no danger of flooding.  …

Council’s action has reduced property values on Illaroo Road by between a third and a half, according to local observers.”

Fighting on the beaches as council orders retreat from climate change ‘threat’

“Home owners in the NSW town of Lake Cathie appear likely to escape an eviction order recommended by a consultant’s report that calls for a “planned retreat” from a predicted rise in sea levels, as the O’Farrell government is expected to discard the alarmist climate change predictions of its Labor predecessor.  …

The developments follow revelations in The Weekend Australianon Saturday that the consultants employed by the council, SMEC, had recommended the council buy out 17 homes on Illaroo Road based on predictions by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – and adopted by the previous Labor government – of a sea-level rise of 40cm by 2050 and 90cm by the turn of the century.  …

Mr Porter’s decision that he will work to save the Lake Cathie houses comes as the NSW Coalition government appears likely to determine that the coastal management strategy of the previous Labor government is unrealistic.  …

SMEC’s report made clear that even given the direst climate change and sea-level rise predictions, with Illaroo Road being 7m above mean sea level, “overtopping and coastal inundation are not an issue”.”

Seafront residents in nothern NSW saved from eviction


9 Responses to “Scandal in Oz — alarmism rejected”

  1. agwnonsense Says:

    Bloody idiots.One Council in Victoria told waterfront residents they could raise their floor level but not their roof.This is the level of IDIOCY we have in local councils in Aus.The LUNATICS are running the asylum,cheers

  2. Alex the skeptic Says:

    Someone must have set his eyes on those houses and he wants to purchase them dirt cheap. However Istand to believe that after the Labour party route in Queensland, this climate change hanky panky will stop in the land of Oz.

  3. MostlyHarmless Says:

    The council accepted a report which said the houses were in no immediate danger. They then decided it was “cheaper” to spend 10.5 million dollars to compulsorily purchase the houses than to spend 3.5 million to build a sea-wall or revetment to protect the coast there. It seems the easiest way to remove the “danger” to the houses was to remove the houses. The council is in administration after spending more than they received. What a surprise.

  4. agwnonsense Says:

    I wish our idiot federal government was in administration

  5. jefftfred Says:

    A good reason why this stupidity has come about is that the lake adjacent to Illaroo Rd at Lake Cathie is frequent opened out to the sea, and in the case of the present dilemma, the drainage channel has been allowed to form close to the embankment that forms Illaroo Rd. ie. washing more of the embankment away
    That’s besides the government and CSIRO, setting sea level alarmist rules.
    It can be seen on Google Earth, aged back to 2005, where a similar situation occurred.

  6. den Says:

    councils are not govt,have absolutely zero authority constitutionally,(are unable to legislate or be delegated to ) and at law can enforce nothing.Property in NSW or VIC is purchased in fee simple,that is originally from the crown(commonwealth land)and not even a state or an environmental court can force the owners to comply with a half ass rule or a statute.It seems that common sense won out but this probably is not the last time a municipal council will try to overstep the mark.

  7. Tom Harris Says:

    If you take a look at , you can see that we at the International Climate Science Coalition are collecting comments and ratings on the public remarks of PM Gillard about climate change as posted on the Herald Sun Website after her blogging session there 10 days ago. We will be sending the best comments to her office, the opposition and the media, as well as posting a summary of the most useful and interesting comments we get on our Website.

    Problem is, we are getting too few comments to make this project a success. We are only up to 40 now on question #1, for example (about 35 from Australia) and about 80 votes. That leaves only 22,672,236 Australian left to comment as, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics:

    “On 16 July 2012 at 05:45:48 PM (Canberra time), the resident population of Australia is projected to be: 22,672,273.”

    Any ideas how to get significantly more than 1 millionth of Australians to comment and/or vote? BTW, we welcome and will certainly use comments from interested parties in other countries as well, so please leg in an add your remarks if you ahve the time!


    Tom Harris
    Executive Director
    International Climate Science Coalition
    Ottawa, Canada

  8. Doug Cotton Says:

    If you spend a few minutes reading my paper and at least the abstract of the paper published by the American Institute of Physics (cited in reference (8) in my reference [13]) you might understand what happens in the atmospheric physics of both Earth and Venus.

    I’m still waiting for a satisfactory alternative explanation from anyone in the world regarding the Venus surface temperature.

    Pressure does not maintain high temperatures all by itself, anywhere, not even on Venus. So forget that “explanation.”

    My paper is up for PROM (Peer Review in Open Media) for a month, so feel free to publish a rebuttal or debate it with some of these members of PSI. Such a review system far outstrips the “peer-review” system used for typical pro-AGW publications.

    Doug Cotton

  9. Doug Cotton Says:

    All should read the breaking news here, from which I quote:

    ” This story is huge. America’s prestigious National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and related government bodies found no greenhouse effect in Earth’s atmosphere. Evidence shows the U.S. government held the smoking gun all along – a fresh examination of an overlooked science report proves America’s brightest and best had shown the White House that the greenhouse gas effect was not real and of no scientific significance since 1979 or earlier.”

    For those who have been following the research by myself and others from among nearly 200 members at Principia Scientific International, I’d like to draw your attention to an Appendix now added to my current paper.

    Have a Happy Christmas everyone!

    Doug Cotton

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